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James Coppell Lee is a leading distributor and manufacturer of non ferrous metal and alloy products throughout Australia as well as exporting worldwide.

Pouring metal

James Coppell Lee manufactures and then distributes globally an extensive large range of high quality (conforming to International Standards) metal products and most copper based alloys but specializes in the local production of Chromium Copper, Chromium Zirconium Copper and other Resistance Welding Alloys often used in the manufacturing of cars and vehicles.

James Coppell Lee represents Materion here in Australia and also New Zealand.

We stock and supply Beryllium Copper and the trade name materials MoldMAX, MoldMAX XL, PROtherm and ToughMet for Materion.

View the full metal alloys list and detailed table of our various non ferrous and metal properties and material specifications.

From wherever you are in the world, contact James Coppell Lee today to discuss and arrange for pricing, quotes and samples, as we manufacture in Australia and distribute to the global metal market.